Created by Kenneth Tin-Kin Hung
Code Help by Winnie Storey
Original Source Code by Gerard Ferrandez


Artist Statement:

#SHITWARS- THE SHIT AWAKENS addresses the increasing polarization of American politics by Culture Jamming pop culture imageries including Star Wars, Breaking Bad, X-Men, Predator, Batman, Thug Life, The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones.

#SHITWARS- THE SHIT AWAKENS appropriates and deconstructs the misogynistic, racist and sexist internet memes and imageries found in Social Media. The project aims to subvert the original derogatory meaning by taking the memes out of its own context, invert and re-appropriate them in a populist context. The goal is to document how both left wing and right wing uses populism to their advantages in 2016 presidential election, and to expose Donald Trump as the most dangerous demagogue.

By employing the method of Détournement, #SHITWARS- THE SHIT AWAKENS aims to question the hegemony and examines the power of politics and its effects on manufacturing public consent, while investigates how the role of social media polarizes our opinions on global politics.

Built with HTML5 Canvas and CSS3 animations, the web-app project is cross-platform and works on desktop, tablets and mobile devices.


#SHITWARS- THE SHIT AWAKENS was included in the following exhibitions and conference:

Scenes Breakdown:

Below are the titles and references of each scene.

EP. I: Make America White Again


“Donald Trump offered to sacrifice his body to procreate with you. Simply drag the Trump™ Penis Tank and let’s create a whiter, cleaner and brighter America!!! Because cloud is white, snow is white and cum is white, join the natural selection!!!”

References: JokerJihadi John Japanese MeMeGet a Brain MoransHomeland Racist Graffiti, No More Chinese graffitiBig Brother is Watching YouHammers from Pink Floyd’s The WallAR-15Confederate FlagKKK KlansmanMake America White Again

Background Music: Harlem Shake by Baauer

EP. II: A Clinton Always Pays Her Debts

“Let the Rains of CASHamere begin!!! Once Queen Hillary ascends the thrones she will make it rain because A Clinton Always Pays Her Debts to the Wall Street bankers.”

References: A Lannister always pays his debtsCersei LannisterDaenerys TargaryenKing Joffrey

Background Music: The Rains Of Castamere (Lannister Song Extended)

EP. III: Trust the Walking Ted

“When Miley Cyrus was pregnant with Ted Cruz’s baby but couldn’t get an abortion…”

References: Ted Cruz Channels Miley Cyrus: Wrecking Ball, Punish the Rapist Don’t Kill the Baby, Choose LifeBorder Crossing signsJesus was a Terrorist, The Walking Dead

Background Music: Daddy by Queen Ifrica

EP. IV: Feel The Bern In Your VagChina

“I have herpes and I approve this massage. Vote for me and I will give you a Happy Ending!!!”

References: Yoda, Princess Leia, Jabba the HuttDeath Star, 1%

Background Music: Kill The Poor by Dead Kennedys

EP. V: Breaking Bank- Say My Name

“YEAH BITCH! MONEY! OH! I am the one who knocks… the economy down. Nobody fucks with a 1% blowfish!!!”

References: Say My Name, Wall Street Charging BullThug LifeBreaking Bad

Background Music: Bigg Thangs by Kool & The Gang

EP. VI: Der Turk Er Jerbs!!!

Der Turk Er Jerbs

“Wanna solve the Rubix’s Cube problem of American jobs being outsourced while being attacked by Terrorists? Let’s uphold our Second Amendment and Kill Them All!!!”

References: Two-Face, PredatorSecond AmendmentJCVDHulk Hogan with face of Cousin Chin-Kee, Trump Hotel Las Vegas, The PentagonMexican StereotypeDer Turk Er Jerbs written on Flag of China, ISIS Flag, Border Crossing sign that says Criminals And Rapists Crossing, Logo of the US Department of Treasury

Background Music: X Gonna Give It To Ya by DMX

EP. VII: X-Menopause

“Mystique Hillary got an early Menopause due to overworking with minimum wages in Corporate America. Click to multiply her so that there are more MEN to work with NO PAUSE for their entire lives!!!”

The X-Menopause is inspired by a Time Magazine article that declared Hillary Clinton the “perfect” age to be president, because she’s a postmenopausal woman who is “biologically primed” to lead our country. The piece is also inspired by the subsequent bizarre debate about Hillary Clinton’s hormones on The Nightly Show with Larry Whitmore.

References: Hillary Clinton Is the Perfect Age to Be President– Time Magazine, Bizarre debate about whether menopause has any bearing on Hillary Clinton’s ability to serve as president on the Nightly Show with Larry Whitmore, Corporate American Flag by Adbusters, Mystique

Background Music: Personality Crisis by The New York Dolls

EP. VIII: Jizz Trumpredator VS Thug Life

“Let’s Get Big Money Out of Politics and Restore Democracy!”

References: Donald Trump as Predator, Jizz TrumpetKu Klux KlanGolliwog, Pepe the FrogPickaninny, All Lives Matter, Troll, Isis Rubber DucksGeneral Atomics MQ-9 Reaper, Sarah Palin Bikini Gun Photo, Thug Life, Get Big Money Out of Politics, Worshipping Money and Eye of Providence, with Syria’s besieged Aleppo as background.

Background Music: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised by Gil Scott-Heron

Tags: Interactive, Web, YR 2016-Now

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