Occupy Wall Street

Artist Statement:

In September 2011, a protest movement called Occupy Wall Street took place in Zuccotti Park in New York City. The main issues raised by Occupy Wall Street were social and economic inequality, greed, corruption and the perceived undue influence of corporations on government—particularly from the financial services sector.

Below is a series of posters I created for the Occupy Wall Street movement for free distribution.

“Feeding of the 320 Millions, The Revolution Will Not Be Privatized”

This is my response to the Occupy Wall Street movement, supported by the WhiteSpace Collection in Palm Beach, Florida. 1000 Limited Editions of these posters sized 18X24 will be printed by White Space Collection for free distribution if you visit them in person.

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Here is the description of the piece:

“Feeding of the 320 Millions, The Revolution Will Not Be Privatized” explores the ideology of the term “Revolution” in modern day America. Through deconstructing Eugène Delacroix’s “Liberty Leading the People”, the artwork is meant to represent a time capsule of this period in American history. The background frame and fonts design pays homage to UK punk rock band Crass.

I have always admired the collage works of John Heartfield, Martha Rosler, Winston Smith and the Grapus collective. It is not easy to create art works that have social conscience and convey the messages successfully. In this piece, I apply various techniques including détournement, remixes and culture jamming to pose questions of our daily life values- e.g. the shopping cart that contains genetically modified food like “Killer Strawberries” and BT Coin grenade; the “Foreclosure Next Exit” highway sign with “Stop War” graffiti in “Star Wars” typeface; the broken piggy bank underneath Lady Liberty’s Blackspot sneakers… etc.

The characters reflect different perceptions of the idea of “Revolution.” Uncle Sam tries his best to fight unemployment and the economy in a peaceful manner. The Guy Fawkes masked protester believes in taking the issues into his own hands, in the name of “Dissent is Patriotic.” The American bald eagle represents the majority of consumers waiting for a Change to come while popping pills for a short-term fix to deal with our problems. With the latest news about the rising unemployment and foreclosure rate, the Tea Party and taxation debate, Arab Spring and the Occupy Wall Street movement, I hope to promote a peaceful revolution through counter-balancing the different ideologies of creating a social change.”

Click here to download the poster- 12in x 15.95 in, 300 dpi (10.8mb)

We are the people we have been waiting for!

Oct 3, 2011


“Smash the Bull, Distribute the Candy”

An email exchange with Creative Time’s Nato Thompson, regarding the Occupy Wall Street movement resulted in this image. Please feel free to download, distribute and remix the image in any form you like.

Here is a brief description of the piece:

The “Charging Bull” sculpture by Arturo Di Modica is suspended in the air by iron chains. The chains are held by the work, “Integrity Protecting the Works of Man”, a high-relief sculpture placed atop the front of the New York Stock Exchange building.

Lady Liberty is dressed as a commoner and swinging a “Tax the Rich” baseball bat, smashing the Charging Bull in order to redistribute the cash it has been holding. Meanwhile, Occupy Wall Street protesters are watching the action while Black Spiderman, donning a 1% labeled top hat, is observing the revolution.

Several sizes of the poster are available for download:

Thank You for the Occupiers in demonstrating the truest form of democracy! Power to the People!

Oct 10 2011

“No Bread? Let them Eat Pie!”

“No Bread? Let Them Eat Pie!” remixes Norman Rockwell’s Thanksgiving painting “Freedom from Want” with elements from the current global economic recession. The title is a pun on English translation of the French term “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche”. The background frame and fonts design pays homage to UK punk rock band Crass.

Here is a brief description of the piece:

The main characters- the powerful elites, the banksters and the kleptocrats who all wear pig masks are gathering to play the game Monopoly, while drinking a bottle of “Toxic Assets” Dom Perignon. In the champagne glass the “Charging Bull” sculpture is drowned dead and floating. Rather than serving a cake, the female host whom wore a Marie Antoinette wig, is serving a 3D pie chart of 2011 US Financial Wealth Distribution. One of the elite is holding a bloody chainsaw with a yellow sale tag with a Capitol Hill illustration on it, ready to cut a slice of the American Pie. On top of the pie are two business men. One with the head of an American Eagle is kneeling down and praying, and chained to a money bomb. The second business man is wearing a pig mask punishing the kneeled businessman by whipping him, while holding a briefcase saying “American Dream”.

Next to the cigar smoking top hat wearing bankster elite is a tower of Financial Meltdown dollar sign. On top of it is a burning house constructed with US dollar bills, with a “Corporate American” flag attached to its roof. In the background are dollar bills flying from the sky and a private jet with parodied logos of Ctigroup (Shittygroup), Bank Of America (Bend Over America), Wells Fargo (Wall Street), Goldman Sachs (Goldman Sucks), Chase (Cheat), Morgan Stanley (Moron Stanley) and Deutsche Bank (Douche Bank).

The Monopoly game board is reinterpreted as “Occupy Wall Street” with #OWS Zombies protesters coming out from the cracked ground. On the board there are also barrels of toxic Mortgage Backed Security (MBS) and a opened “Toxic Debt” safe, with a zombie’s hand holding a sign saying “Bring Back Glass-Steagall Act”. Meanwhile the Lady Liberty (from a painting “Oh America” by Gee Vaucher) is covering her face and could not bear to watch the scenario.

Several sizes of the poster are available for download:

Fight the Power! End this Kleptocracy!

Oct 26 2011

“Wall St. Butcher Shop”

“Wall St. Butcher Shop” appropriates the “Charging Bull” sculpture into a beef meat chart. Rather than depicting the names of different cuts of beef the chart chronicles how the Wall Street causes the Global Financial Crisis.

From “Greed Is Good” devouring money to the irresponsible financial products including “Credit Default Swap” and “Subprime Mortgage” to the resulting “Mega Deficits & Global Recession” defecating the “99%”, the piece aims to highlight why the Wall Street machine needs to be reformed.

Several sizes of the poster are available for download:

All Day All Week Occupy Wall Street!

Nov 1 2011


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