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Printing in 3 dimension– EoPlex is developing a revolutionary way to print objects in three dimensions: mass-produce tiny gears and switches using a process that builds 3-D objects by layering materials on top of each other, over and over, until a third dimension takes shape.

“Electric Slide” on slippery DMCA Slope– The inventor of the “Electric Slide,” an iconic dance created in 1976, is fighting back against what he believes are copyright violations and, more importantly, examples of bad dancing.

Google sought to silence politicians while seeking tax breaks– A blog entry by Michael Kanellos at ZDNet links to and expands upon an article in the Charlotte Observer. Last year Google was apparently throwing its weight around in North Carolina, seeking tax breaks from state and local legislators.

Single-Pixel Camera– Researchers in the US are developing a single-pixel camera to capture high-quality images without the expense of traditional digital photography. The camera was created, according to Dr Kelly and his colleague Richard Baraniuk, because digital cameras are very wasteful. They require expensive microprocessors and massive battery power to capture an image – most of which will not be used in displaying the picture.

Military Builds Robotic Insects– Israel is developing a robot the size of a hornet to attack terrorists. And although the prototype will not fly for three years, killer Micro Air Vehicles, or MAVs, are much closer than that.

Posted on February 5, 2007 in Arts, Misc, News

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