Save Broken Angel!

I have never been to BROKEN ANGEL but it is very important to save something so marvelous like this- an outsider artist/ architect- Arthur Wood’s 30 years of work. The building is located in the Clinton Hill of Brooklyn, and was in Michel Gondry’s film “Dave Chappelle’s Block Partyâ€?.


Here’s the newest updates from Chris Wood, the son of the owners of Broken Angel:

“My parents, Arthur and Cynthia Wood have been living in fear of the building department after a threat this week to throw them out on to the street without even their family possessions or artwork, and destroy their home of 30 years “Broken Angel”. Last night someone placed a broken angel statue in front of my parent’s door at 4 Downing Street.”

“My parents and I would love to give back to the community of Brooklyn and turn Broken Angel into a nonprofit foundation for music and the arts which would include a school and museum. There are also complete building plans drawn up by my father in which the first page can viewed at ple/168044712/in/set-127493 But we need help from you, the residents of New York City. All of your comments and ideas are welcome

Donations can be sent to Arthur Wood at
4 Downing street Brooklyn, New York 11238″

Here are more background:

“We had a meeting on Friday with the Department of Buildings. We were told that they would begin demolition on the building in 3 weeks from now, if we do not submit plans by an architect/engineer to bring the building to code. The city would do the work and then place a lean on the property. To have the city do the work would zero out the value of the property and leave my parents with nothing. We understand that the Department of Buildings is in a difficult situation, as there are some safety concerns with the building. We are attempting to comply with the Department of Buildings, and would like to submit plans as soon as we can get an architect/ engineer on board. If any qualified individuals are willing to work with us in this short time frame we would very much appreciate it. I can be contacted at”

Three weeks is too little time to draft up a plan, any body out there?

Posted on November 9, 2006 in Arts, News

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