“The Future Is Not What Is Used To Be” at Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, Poland

“the future is not what it used to be” An exhibition curated by Magdalena Sawon Tamas Banovich Kevin Bewersdorf Mikolaj Dlugosz Ursula Endlicher Zach Gage Kenneth Tin-Kin Hung Kobas Laksa Michael Mandiberg Eva and Franco Mattes (aka Joe McKay JooYoun Paek The Yes Men Art has always been a transformative reflection of reality and…

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IMO Project at Art Copenhagen

Big Thank You to Toke Lykkeberg for your invitation! My online game “Gas zappers” will be shown, along with some of my favorite great masters including Martha Rosler and Miltos Manetas, at Art Copenhagen! The project “The State of the Art” is curated by IMO Projects, a artists run gallery based in the same city.…

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My film “Because Washington Is Hollywood For Ugly People” will be screened at the Fall Premiere of CINEMAROSA at Queens Museum of Art. The festival starts at 3pm this Sunday, September 19, 2010. Big THANK YOU to Hector for your invitation! CINEMAROSA, Queens’ first and only Queer independent film/video series premieres its Fall 2010 Series…

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Thanks to curator Mathieu Borysevicz, my work “Siddhartha Obama” from”In G.O.D. We Trust” series is being blown up to billboard size in Shanghai! When the show is finish the prints will be re-appropriate and local artists will makes them into limited edition purses and other accessories. The public art project will coincide with the Shanghai…

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RE/Mixed Media Festival 2010

Please come to the RE/Mixed Media Festival 2010. I will be on the artist panel discussion around 3:45pm and being one of the judges for the remix competition screening around 8:15pm. Hopefully see ya there! Sunday, May 30th 2010; 2 PM Galapagos Art Space, 16 Main Street DUMBO, Brooklyn FREE! (21 and over) The RE/Mixed…

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New Works for the Collection- Blanton Museum of Art

My work “Because Washington Is Hollywood For Ugly People” is going to be shown at Blanton Museum of Art in Austin! Go check it out ;-) The Blanton is pleased to present New Works for the Collection, a summer exhibition highlighting more than sixty new acquisitions from among the hundreds of works recently acquired through…

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“20 ans déjà!”- Galerie Guy Bärtschi

Guy Bärtschi from Geneva, Switzerland are among one of the first patrons who collect my works. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of his gallery, Guy put together a exhibition named ““20 ans déjà!” with his favorite artists’ works! I am very honored that my works are in the show, along with all the contemporary masters!…

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The Pavilion of Realism- Shanghai & Beijing

My work “In G.O.D. We Trust” is gonna show in Shanghai and Beijing! Muchas gracias to curator Raúl Zamudio and 其他画廊 Other Gallery! 《现实主义亭》 策展人: Raul Zamudio / 老拉.扎穆迪奥,Maarten Bertheux / 马腾·博斯克斯 段落壹: 4月23日-6月1日 其他画廊.上海空间 VIP 开幕酒会: 4月23日 下午5-7点 段落贰: 4月24日-6月1日 其他画廊.北京空间 VIP 开幕酒会: 4月24日 下午 3-6 点 艺术家; 克里斯托弗 K. Ho,高磊,戈登 张,黄小鹏,蒋崇无,金阳平,洪天健,关尚智,陆磊,刘敏,麦克﹒唐,倪海峰,雪莉﹒王,莎拉﹒谢,王轶庶,段英梅,张宏图 “现实主展馆”是一次国际性的展览,展览的题目借用了现实主义画家库尔贝(Gustave Courbet)的同名展。库尔贝的作品被1855年巴黎世博会所拒绝,他的“展馆”就是对此事件的直接回应。而本次展览则在2010年上海世界博览会的语境中再次上演了当年库尔贝与巴黎世博会之间的政治对峙。…

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You will forever be missed.

Flaherty NYC Experiments in Animation

My work “Residential Erection” is in the program! First time seeing it on big screen! Please come, the show starts on November 9, 7:30 pm. The November installment of Flaherty NYC is entitled Experiments with Animation and will feature short works by a number of artists prominent in the field, including Phil Solomon, Martha Colburn,…

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