Gaming and Politics

I have been doing research on games being used as propaganda tool or as media to increase social awareness. Thank you websites like Water Cooler and Serious Games that provides loads of information on the subjects. If you know any articles, materials and links that fall into this categories please leave me a comment :-)…

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Interviews and stuff…

Last month, (wow time past so fast!) I was invited to show at the SOOB FESTIVAL in Brisbane, Australia, have HEAPS OF FUN! THANK YOU FOR Y’ALL SOOBIES! Especially big shout-out to Jesse, Maddy and Maddy at da WHITEHOUSE! Drink every night till 6am, if you see my photo album it’s all drunkfarts and pissweaks…

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Business Bib

Hahaha! Do they have a skinny fit? I want a double-breasted style with gold buttons. I guess you can’t tell if its a single button or 3 buttons suit… LINK here

Strandbeest Updated!

Its been a while since last time I visit Dutch artist/ engineer Theo Jansen‘s site, and he uploads heaps of new pictures of his STRANDBEEST! Those are my favourite man-made kinetic creatures in the entire world! And its all wind-powered! If you don’t know his works yet, check this movie out.

Where does your tax money goes to?

“Death and Taxesâ€? is a representational graph of the federal discretionary budget. The amount of money that is spent at the discretion of your elected representatives in Congress. Basically, your federal income taxes. The data is from the President’s annual budget proposal but it must pass both the House and Senate before it goes into…

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Zimbabwe’s Internet Stalls

from Zdnet: Internet traffic in Zimbabwe has come close to a standstill after an international satellite firm slashed its bandwidth because the cash-starved government failed to pay the bill.

I will pay to see…

from my friend Randal: A Film “No One Will Pay To See” Is Sold Although some analysts had predicted that Death of a President, which made its debut at the Toronto Film Festival this week, would never find a distributor — others had predicted it would never see the light of day in the U.S.…

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from Slashdot: “Three engineering students from Cambridge University plan to send an unmanned craft into space for £1,000 ($1,880) and have just sent a test mission up 32 km for a lot less. Their snaps from the upper atmosphere are impressive, and were taken by a balloon equipped with off-the-shelf technology including GSM text messaging,…

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Two Fun Games

Operation Cure Cabinet Ben Cohen (one of the founders of Ben & Jerry) recreates the board game Operation and turn it into a funny flash game to “cure” Bush’s adminstration. Whoever got the fastest scores wins a year worth of ice cream. McDonald’s Video Game “Making money in a corporation like McDonald’s is not simple…

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Invisible 5

Created by Amy Balkin (who did the ThisIsThePublicDomain and the PublicSmog), INVISIBLE 5 is a collaborative environmental justice audio tour of the I-5 corridor between the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles.

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