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Last month, (wow time past so fast!) I was invited to show at the SOOB FESTIVAL in Brisbane, Australia, have HEAPS OF FUN! THANK YOU FOR Y’ALL SOOBIES! Especially big shout-out to Jesse, Maddy and Maddy at da WHITEHOUSE! Drink every night till 6am, if you see my photo album it’s all drunkfarts and pissweaks pictures. Too bad I can only be there for a week…

from left: Jesse, Maddy and Maddy

So here’s a few interviews I have done there:

Alchemy Radio“Kenneth Hung and Global Presidential Election”, interviewed by Moses Iten

The Program– “Kenneth Hung“, interviewed by Lisa Greenaway

SkyNoise– “Well Hung Pixel Art“, interviewed by Sean Poole

Courier Mail– “Pop Culture Goes Political“, interviewed by Rachael Langford (I was pretty drunk when I was interviewed on this one, do I really said “Photoshop changed my life”? Holy Moly!)

Posted on September 22, 2006 in News

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