Indulgence and Redemption in Contemporary Art: Murakami vs. Hung

I googled my name (hahah can’t resist) and this review written by Mr. Frank Pasquale shown up, very interesting topic comparing my works to Takashi Murakami, here’s a snippet:

“Murakami’s current work often feels weightless and unmoored, a natural consequence of his failure to emphasize the dark side of an increasingly marketized society. Some may dismiss that theme as excessively didactic or depressing, but they should take a look at Kenneth Tin-Kin Hung (whose video art appeared at another exhibit (Unmonumental) which Perl criticized). Hung’s Because Washington is Hollywood for Ugly People (still below) is frenetic, Rabelaisian, and profane–but strikes me as something (sans annoying soundtrack) that will be essential to those trying to understand contemporary culture and politics decades hence…

On a more inspiring note, Hung’s art/game Gas Zappers makes the fight against global warming seem fun while frankly and frivolously depicting the power and motives of those who stand in its way. Has any artist better reflected Stephen Duncombe’s ideas about the fantastic dimensions of politics?”


Posted on July 13, 2008 in News

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  1. chris
    July 18, 2008 at 12:30 pm ·

    some nice things said about you :)

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