“In G.O.D. We Trust” opening at Postmasters Gallery, NYC

The “In G.O.D. We Trust” video is gonna have its U.S. premier at Postmasters Gallery, in conjunction with “The Thousand and One Nights,” an exhibition of Palestinian art curated by Mary Evangelista with Michael Connor.

This time rather than showing the video on HDTV, we will project the video with a very nice HD Projector so please come and check it out!

July 7 – August 8, 2009

Opening reception Tuesday, July 7   6-8pm

Gallery 2


“In G.O.D. We Trust”

“In G.O.D. We Trust” (G.O.D. is a stand-in for Global Obama Domination) is a new digital video by Kenneth Tin-Kin Hung. Born in Hong Kong and now living in New York,  Hung has been called “the John Heartfield of the digital era.” His meticulously researched collages and animations composed entirely of imagery appropriated from the web deliver a biting political satire. “In G.O.D. We Trust” presents global and domestic challenges facing the new Obama administration with the savior president cast as different deities (Jesus Christ, Mohammad, Krishna, prophet Abraham, Yoruba Orisha Trickster God Elegua/Eshu, Buddha, and Guadalupe). In addition to the video, a large outdoors banner of “Buddha Siddartha Obama” will hang on the gallery’s façade.

Simultaneously In Gallery 1 we will be presenting “The Thousand and One  Nights” – a show of contemporary artists from Palestine curated by Mary Evangelista with Michael Connor

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