Dangerous Gastronautic Experiences!

Alright, its been a while that I wanna see a unknown show so bad that it makes me so hungry. In Cooking In Danger Zone, host Stefan Gates visits Afganistan and eat “Afgan Viagra” with a former Taliban commander, goes to North Uganda and eat with refugees and experiences how they live on rations provided by UN World Food Programme.

image courtesy of Stefan Gates

Not only he observes like most Westerners TV hosts did, he actually eat their daily stables, that include raw freshly killed warm baby seal meat offered by Inuit people, and through that leads to stories on how global warming affects their hunting behaviour and how they are being marginalized like American Indians in US history. I like the show beacuse it exposes lots of social economical problems through our basic necessities- food.

As a Chinese who is proud to eat “anything with its back facing the sky”, and as a person who like to try Food that Westerners labeled “weird”, Food, for me, is the international language. Food can creates conflicts and it can resolves conflicts too. Here I just hope the show will withstand my expectation.

Here’s the BBC link, and here’s the host Stefan Gates’ blog.

Posted on October 17, 2006 in Misc

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