MILLER MGD “Sketches”

Illustration, Design


SAB Miller

project title:


project description:

To create a simple interactive sketch in Flash based on idea assigned and supply ready to integrate within the main framework of the Miller Genuine Draft global website.

Target audience are 24 years old urban, streetwise, confident and plugged in.

In order to demonstrate “Making the remarkable seem genuinely easy”, in the “Pop-up-people”, the bar is obscured by lots of people trying to get a drink. The user is presented with a pop-up tab like you get in pop-up books. By pulling the tab the user folds up the bar queue providing a clear space to access the barman who is now waiting for their order. As the people fold back another tab appears. By pulling this tab the skirts of women in the bar shorten, turning into mini-skirts.


Nicolas Roope, Creative Director, Poke London
Katy Theakston, Project Manager, Poke London
Kenneth Hung, Illustrator,

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