POPTASTIC! Shop Until You Pop!

Design, Concept, Illustration


Lane Crawford

project title:

POPTASTIC! Shop Until You Pop!” campaign

project description:

I was invited to create a 8ft X 8ft pop-up book art piece for Lane Crawford 2009 “POPTASTIC! Shop Until You Pop!” Winter campaign. I create a densely collage background with metallic, neon and brightly color palette to reflect their theme, hence incorporate tongue-and-cheek elements including create alter identities for the designers Lane Crawford represented. The list is as follow (in order of their last names):

Victoria Beckham as David Beckham
Alber Elbaz as David by Michelangelo
Tom Ford as Santa Claus
Marc Jacobs as gingerbread man
Phillip Lim as a dancing panda
Stella McCartney as Snowman wearing a bowler hat
Alexander McQueen as a giant recycled robot
Sienna Miller as Chun Li from Street Fighter
Kate Moss as mermaid
Stefano Pilati as a Roman Gladiator holding a candy cane
Olsen Twins as Christmas bunnies
Vera Wang as a fairy wearing traditional Chinese outfit


design, concept and illustration: Kenneth Hung
creative manager: Sarah Fung

store window displays:

The pop-up art piece can be seen at their Beijing flagship store “Lane Crawford Seasons Place”, Hong Kong flagship stores “Lane Crawford IFC Mall” and “Lane Crawford Pacific Mall”.

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