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Life Straw

One of the best products in NextFest organized by WIRED magazine is LifeStraw, a personal water-purification device that disinfects water by using filters down to six microns, to remove bacteria and parasites from any water sources. Each LifeStraw filters up to 700 litres of water (for a normal 60 kg adult who consumes 2 litres…

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Select Media Festival 5

The fifth annual Select Media Festival features video programs, brand new media, anti-comedy, installations, performance programs, and public projects in conjunction with experimental and advanced music. Our goal is to share innovative projects in art and technology as well as socially charged work. The festival is produced by Public Media Institute, and organized by artists,…

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Interviews and stuff…

Last month, (wow time past so fast!) I was invited to show at the SOOB FESTIVAL in Brisbane, Australia, have HEAPS OF FUN! THANK YOU FOR Y’ALL SOOBIES! Especially big shout-out to Jesse, Maddy and Maddy at da WHITEHOUSE! Drink every night till 6am, if you see my photo album it’s all drunkfarts and pissweaks…

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Zimbabwe’s Internet Stalls

from Zdnet: Internet traffic in Zimbabwe has come close to a standstill after an international satellite firm slashed its bandwidth because the cash-starved government failed to pay the bill.


from Slashdot: “Three engineering students from Cambridge University plan to send an unmanned craft into space for £1,000 ($1,880) and have just sent a test mission up 32 km for a lot less. Their snaps from the upper atmosphere are impressive, and were taken by a balloon equipped with off-the-shelf technology including GSM text messaging,…

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Top 25 Censored Stories of 2007

Do you know the World Bank Funds the Israel-Palestine Wall? Do you know Halliburton was charged for selling nuclear technologies to Iran in 2005? Complied by Project Censored from Sonoma State University, here’s the “Top 25 Censored Stories of 2007.” Also check their Top 25 of 2006.

Best Use For Our Garbage?

I would rather give tax breaks to the energy company described below than all those oil-extraction corporations. Hope they are not bullshiting. Here’s an excerpt from WIRED articles: “FORT PIERCE, Florida — A Florida county has grand plans to ditch its dump, generate electricity and help build roads — all by vaporizing garbage at temperatures…

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MIT research on Sustainable Energy

Hope all these will works. Below are some examples of the MIT research projects the Energy Research Council will be sponsoring and developing: Spinach solar power: Tapping the secrets of photosynthesis — engineering proteins from spinach — to make organic solar cells whose efficiency could outstrip the best silicon photovoltaic arrays today. Silicon superstrings: A…

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I should have done this much earlier. It is cool to have an actual blog! This will served as my online notes and bookmarks. Cool Yo!

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