Beijing Olympics

Have you guys watch the delayed, edited Beijing Olympics opening on NBC last night? The movable type printing scene is just incredible! Zhang Yimou and Tan Dun really did a great job (I wish I have 300 million to make art). I cannot get over the huge LED scroll.

I was hanging out with my buddies and some of them are politically active and conscious. The Chinese human rights issue keeps coming up, not to mention the NBC sportcasters Bob Costas continuously smearing shit to different countries to show how strong U.S.A. is. Anyhow, as Chinese I have mixed feelings about how strong the political undertone this Beijing Olympics has.

So I will post the beauty and the ugly here. First, the Beauty (source The Big Picture):

Here’s the Ugly. Below is a campaign for Amnesty International by TBWA\Paris. It won the Bronze Lion Campaign in Cannes in the category Press.

Posted on August 9, 2008 in Misc, News

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