R. I. P.
March 8, 2006 to April 12, 2020

This is Part 2 of Wiki’s Memorial

part 1: 2006 to 2012
part 2: 2013 to 2018
part 3: 2018 to 2020


First time I am roasting a leg of lamb and heres how my pup Wiki looks the last 30 mins sitting right in front of me- first very serious,
then listening to and smelling the caramelization her ears pop up,
third sit closer and ask when is gonna be done :-) (March, 2013)
Poor Wiki got a diarrhea since yesterday this is her special meal- boiled chicken breast with rice. Hope she doesn’t has to go to bathroom at 3am again! (Aug, 2013)
Wiki is such a princess!!!! Ahhhhhhhh those clothes are all freshly washed!!! (Sept, 2013)
Ran out of dog food this morning. Lucky princess gotta eat pizza and half banana hahaha! (Sept, 2013)

Catskills Camping trip, Oct 2013

Our camping staples!
Found this while cleaning up. The sunglasses came in a small film canister, on it someone wrote “here’s to the futures” (November 2013)

Playing fetch at Prospect Park

Wiki LOVES to play fetch in the snow Why so serious dog? She is probably thinking “Why don’t you throw it now sucker!”
At The Winey Neighbor (Dec 10, 2013)

Wiki’s Mast Cell Cancer Surgery

Wiki survives the surgery!!! Yay!!!
She got two Mast Cell Tumors removed, when we got her from the vet we were shocked by how long the two stitches are.
Her anesthesia is wearing out now and she is eating fine now. She cannot really walks so we carry her four stairs up and down for her bathroom breaks. (Dec 20, 2013)
Young is such a nurturing kind, this morning Wiki won’t eat the peanuts butter with the medicines in it, Wiki probably thinks that “Don’t trick me into this crazy frankenstein situation again!” and Young put the pills in some organic no nitrates no hormones ham cubes from Whole Food and she just chow it down, what a princess!!!
Speedy Recovery Wiki!


What kind of dog gets a Korean udon with leftover chicken skins/ innards and Broccoli Raab chopped ends for dinner? No wonder Wiki gave me the most sincere look she knows how to play the game for sure! (Feb, 2014)

On May 2, 2014, my Grandma passed away. Wiki was there next to me at the saddest periods of my life.

Wiki’s early Christmas gift didn’t last 5 minutes (Dec, 2014)


Great day hanging with Josh and Alan, curators from Station Museum of Contemporary Arts in Houston Texas, great conversations on how arts can change the world. Can’t wait to show my works there in October! (July, 2015)
Wiki’s dinner tonight: chicken with lettuce and pho noodles. All are leftover. She is drooling like waterfall!
Wiki loves to give stinky kisses to everyone who visit us! She especially loves Fred, our big Brother from another Mother!
We left the AC on for her in the Summer. Such a spoiled princess (Aug 2015)


Adirondacks Cabin trip- January

The temperature was 10 Degrees Fahrenheit (real feel 7 degrees) the entire time when we visited
Our cabin, complete solitude and silence!
Wiki loves to play fetch in the snow, even-though most of the time she can’t find the ball.
Her facial expression when waiting for the ball to be thrown
When are you gonna throw the ball? It’s getting cold in here!
When I split some wood for fire, Wiki sometimes loves to steal a piece and chew on it.
We went to Oscar’s Adirondacks Smokehouse and got a whole bunch of smoked meat and they are all absolutely delicious! Our favorite is this smoked duck breast totally out of the world! Wiki and us chowed it down in no second!
Next day we went snowshoeing. there’s not a single soul around!
After the hike Wiki just wanna cuddle in the car. It’s 10 degrees F outside!
Beautiful Adirondacks!

Princess Wiki

Wiki is such a princess. She is on top of three pillows, a microfleece blanket and a sheepskin. (Feb, 2016)

To make sure Wiki’s cancer won’t come back, we start making her daily meals from scratch (Boiling method)

Prepping the chicken breasts, chicken livers, chicken gizzards with my Gerber StrongArm survival knife- so Wiki can survive the cancer! (Feb 2016)
We prepped them in these small containers and out in the fridge. Wiki got one for breakfast and one for dinner, with fresh vegetables such as celery, carrots and broccoli mixed in each meal.

Making Wiki’s Daily Meal (Grilling method)

Summer is here, let’s use other methods besides oven baking and boiling! Each chicken breast is rubbed with olive oil and turmeric. (Jun, 2016)
We grilled them to perfection! Mama mia!
Prep it with my ESEE 6 survival knife! So Wiki can survive her cancer!
Wiki’s normal dinner!
Wiki loved to sit at this spot in the afternoon and watch whats going on in Washington Ave. i just got a new laptop using her as a model hahaha!

Surprise Finger Lakes Birthday cabin and camping trip

Young surprised me with a birthday camping trip up in Finger lakes, New York!
Hiking at Buttermilk Falls State Park, Ithaca, NY
Camping at some state park at Finger Lakes, totally forgot which one!
The part Wiki and I most excited about ;-P
Wiki always eat good! Dinner for three is served!
Hiking at Taughannock Falls State Park

At Nov, 2016, Kenneth moved back to San Francisco for new prospect.


New Year Portrait!

January 1, 2017. Family Portrait hahaha Thanks to
2017 is looking bright, let’s move forward to a better future, peace and love to all.
4th of July, 2017

Thanksgiving trip to Grand Canyon

Red Rock Canyon State Park

On our way to Grand Canyon, we spent a night camping at Red Rock Canyon State Park

Finally at Grand Canyon!


Wiki’s ear got swollen, we had to take her to the vet and drain her ear fluid. (Mar, 2018)
Wiki’s first hike after draining the blood her swollen ear, at Thornton Beach (Mar, 2018)
Haruki Murakami: Hear the Wind Sing (風の歌を聴け)
Hiking at Pedro Points Trail around our hood (Aug, 2018)
After Wiki’s Hematoma surgery (Aug, 2018)
Wiki’s ears healing after Hematoma surgery (Aug, 2018)

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