National Parks, Forests and other Natural Wonders I have visited

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This lists all the National Parks, Forests and Natural Wonders in U.S. and Canada I have visited so far. The list only includes places I have camped at or visited. Drove-by doesn’t count e.g. I drove by Lake Tahoe to Reno so it doesn’t count. I can’t believe I have never explore Lake Tahoe OMG!

I have to say Northern East Coast is a bit boring compared to the crazy landscapes of the West Coast. Especially living in NYC now really add lots of hassle when going to destinations. Really missed living in San Francisco when you can drive 1.5 hrs and be deep in nature already.

My favorites so far are Bryce Canyons, Death Valley and Grand Canyons. I wish I have more time to discover New Mexico and Arizona. Sucks that I missed the Petroglyph and Bandalier NM.

For sure next trip I wanna hit Yellowstone, Badlands, Grand Teton, Devil Tower and Glacier National Parks. Another trip to Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park. And another trip to the Denali. Anybody interested?


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