You are gonna see my short animation “Because Washington Is Hollywood For Ugly People” for free in the 10 Shorts 10 Days online program this year. Basically, they pick 10 best shorts from the pool of 83 selected short films (this year they got 5,107 submissions) and stream them online for free. You can see mine on January 23, 2008. However, if you go online you can see my funny face and nervous introduction now.
Here’s the schedule:
Day 1 “I Love Sarah Jane” January 18, 2008 directed by Spencer Susser

Day 2 “Pariah” January 19, 2008 directed by Dee Rees

Day 3 “Yours Truly” January 20, 2008 directed by Osbert Parker

Day 4 “My Olympic Summer” January 21, 2008 directed by Daniel Robin

Day 5 “Sick Sex” January 22, 2008 directed by Justin Nowell

Day 6 “Because Washington is Hollywood For Ugly People” January 23, 2008 directed by Kenneth Hung

Day 7 “Force 1 (TD)” January 24, 2008 directed by Randy Krallman

Day 8 “Wind, Ten Years Old” January 25, 2008 directed by Marzieh Vafamehr

Day 9 “Sikumi” January 26, 2008 directed by Andrew Okpeaha MacLean

Day 10 “Spider” January 27, 2008 directed by Nash Edgerton

Posted on January 13, 2008 in Misc, News

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