Huge Art Party@ 11 Spring Street b4 it turns into yuppies condo

Article From Gothamist, by Jake Dobkin:(original link)

image courtest of Wooster Collective

We’re been covering the streetart renaissance at 11 Spring Street for the last couple of weeks– new pieces are going up every day, and the new owners of the building seemed to be endorsing the work. Last night, we had a chance to catch up with Wooster Collective, the preeminent streetart website, and asked them what was going on. They told us that the new owners have asked them to curate the decoration of the building– both inside and out– through the end of the year, with a huge party on December 16th to celebrate the building, the art, and the end of the project. The Villager has some more details:

Malcolm Stevenson, the construction project manager, was at the building last Thursday evening. He said the new owners, a husband-and-wife couple, have a background in art history and wanted to do it this way before starting the work. “We felt that we had to respond to it some way, and that’s why we put the show together,� Stevenson said. “It will be an opening of one night — and that’s it. It’s very fluid; we just met last night,� he said, referring to their first discussions about the art finale. “It’ll be free — it’s about the art,� he said.

Wooster Collective said that more than twenty artists are flying in from all over the world, and they are painting the interior of the building top to bottom with new pieces. Towering figures like Obey, The London Police, Faile, Bast, and WK will all be representing in the next couple of weeks. We’ve asked if we can sneak in to photograph some of the painting– so we’ll have some pictures documenting the transformation of the building up at Streetsy.

Sadly, at the end of the project, all of the art will be removed from inside the building, and the exterior walls will be completely buffed. Wooster Collective pointed out that cleaning the exterior was inevitable, and it’s generous of the new owners to give the space over to the art before that happens.

Posted on November 10, 2006 in Arts, News

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