10 Charities Overpaying their For-Profit Fundraisers

From Charity Navigation:

These 10 charities are not living up to their missions. Each spends more than 50% of its budget paying for-profit fundraising professionals to solicit your hard-earned money. They are ranked by the percentage of their total functional expenses spent on professional fundraising fees. As a result, very little of the charity’s spending is directed towards its programs and services.

Rank Charity Program Expenses Professional Fundraising Fees
1 The Committee for Missing Children 8.2% 90.1%
2 The Association for Firefighters & Paramedics 3.9% 89.8%
3 American Ex-Prisoners of War Service Foundation 4.0% 89.4%
4 American Deputy Sheriffs’ Association 2.4% 89.1%
5 Firefighters Charitable Foundation 6.8% 88.5%
6 American Foundation for Disabled Children 10.5% 84.2%
7 Youth Development Fund 13.4% 82.7%
8 Shiloh International Ministries 4.0% 81.4%
9 Wishing Well Foundation USA 9.4% 81.0%
10 Police Athletic League of New Jersey 15.3% 74.8%

Posted on December 20, 2006 in Activism, Misc, News

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